6:00 pm @ Hickory Public Library
@ Hickory Public Library
Apr 3 @ 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
 @ Hickory Public Library | Hickory | North Carolina | United States
Balance & Harmony Wkshp at Hickory Public Library: The Complete Guide for Balance & Harmony! Call Melinda to speak at your next event! Author, Trainer, Life Organizer® Melinda Smith, CPO® organizes, optimizes, and implements action plans, training, … Continue reading ""
all-day 2017 Administrative Professional... @ WinMock at Kinderton
2017 Administrative Professional... @ WinMock at Kinderton
Apr 27 all-day
2017 Administrative Professionals Conference @ WinMock at Kinderton | Bermuda Run | North Carolina | United States
Administrative Professionals Conference:             Learn, Listen, Love! 9:15 to 10:15 am – The Complete Guide for Balance & Harmony: Work, Home, You! Administrative Professionals are no different. Life is out … Continue reading "2017 Administrative Professionals Conference"

We love the art of organization.

Business Training & Consulting with a Twist! Our sweet spot is working with Entrepreneur’s and their companies to create a productive work environment, happy home, and prosperous you! Our passion is listening to clients goals, thinking through solutions and coming up with creative 360² action plans that address work, home, and you! Learn to Love Going to Work Again! Increase Time with Your Family! Get Things Done! Our process is simple and geared toward the professional. 

You CAN get your LIFE back in BALANCE! 


Gain Focus Now!


Achieve Goals Now!


Innovative Ideas Now!


Find Results Now!

Drive Results. Balance Life. 

work-home-youWhen you focus all your energy on work, home life tends to suffer. When you focus all your energy on home, work life tends to suffer. When you give all your energy to someone else, you tend to neglect yourself. Our unique business & 360² philosophy looks at the big picture of work, home, & you.

WORK: Analyze processes, people, and space. Implement and manage action plans. Sustain growth. HOME: Evaluate issues slowing you down. Organize people, paper, and stuff. Beautify your environment.   YOU: Address habits holding you back. Find happiness with every day. Take care of your health.


Do It On Your Own

Learn to embrace change, face hard decisions head-on, and find organizational clarity utilizing simplicity. The OWL Kit is a combination of books & tools that walk you through a systematic process with focus, intention, and balance. Change begins with You!

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Gather in a Group

We provide one hour keynotes, full day workshops, and four day retreats. Our exciting F.O.C.U.S. sessions drive change, implement action, and foster balance. Take time out of the hustle & bustle of the day to get focused, be intentional, and develop a stronger work-life balance.

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Hire a Professional

Each of our clients need something a little different. From formulating & seeing the big picture, to action plans & accountability, to overseeing & implementing projects. We look at where you are, where you want to be, and what needs to happen to check it off your list.

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Obtain resources, tools, and training


As an OWL Liberator, you obtain the resources, tools, and training to guarantee focus, create action, and deliver results to your own clients. With our comprehensive, systematic process, you navigate with the client to address and balance Work, Home, and You. There is no other program out there that embraces a 360² perspective to address all areas of an Entrepreneur's Life. Sign up for outstanding support and easy-to-use resources!

We are proud of our work.

The Complete Guide for Balance & Harmony OWL Kit

3 Books + 5 Tools = Sustainable Change

  • The Complete Guide for Balance & Harmony Book
  • The Complete Guide for Balance & Harmony Workbook
  • Balance Box
  • What is On Your Plate
  • Balance & Harmony 360² Transformation Map
  • The Complete Guide for Balance Harmony F.O.C.U.S. Journal
  • Balance & Harmony 360² Energy Map
  • Transfer Cards

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