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  • • Personal, practical application of content • Individualized attention • Hands-on activities • Updated information • Relevant topics of interest

    CONCTS Attendee, Roanoke, VA

  • Participants appreciated the opportunity to interact with each other while learning about key concepts such as strategies for survival and teamwork through creating a group emblem. Several attendees noted that the speaker kept the audience engaged by varying her tone and her style. The mixture of lecture, group interactions, and exercises was appreciated by many. I highly recommend Melinda Smith’s “Train Your Employees How to Rock!” Balance & Harmony 360² trainings are ideal for organizations seeking energetic speakers who can address workplace issues such as motivating employees to higher performance by embracing change. Our employees have requested more training by Melinda Smith!

    Susan Carter, Pee Dee Mental Health Center

  • "Awesome Job. Really opened my eyes about some of my weaknesses and strengths."

    CONCTS Attendee, Jackson, TN

  • "Very engaging, interesting, gained relevant information to apply to my job. Melinda is an amazing teacher who made suggestions that applied to my job that I intend to utilize in my role. She was energetic, enthusiastic, and made the seminar so exciting! Loved it!"

    CONCTS Attendee, Elizabeth City, NC

  • "Very Impressed! Best I have ever attended."

    CONAA Attendee, Norfolk, VA

  • "Great analogies and appropriate stories. Kept everyone engaged."

    PICS Attendee, Richmond, VA

  • "Melinda was Great! Very useful info! Lots of energy & made me want to go right now and be a better leader!"

    CONCTS Attendee, Roanoke, VA

  • "Melinda was Awesome! Very engaging & motivating speaker. I really enjoyed her sessions & even changed my choice of sessions after going to one of hers because I wanted to hear more from her."

    CONW Attendee, Columbus, OH

  • "Melinda was very informative. Even with 20 years of leadership, I learned a lot of information today."

    CONCTS Attendee, Rocky Mount, NC

  • "The first seminar my attention was kept for two days. I never looked at my watch to see what time it was and how much longer did we have before the class was over."

    CTS2 Attendee, Charlotte, NC

  • "Excellent instructor. I was not looking forward to attending but glad I did."

    PICS Attendee, Columbus, SC

  • "Todays workshop was extremely helpful for my career and personal life. The instructor was knowledgable and enthusiastic. This the the 1st time I've been to a training and did not feel sleepy."

    CONAA Attendee, Norfolk, VA

  • "Excellent Content. Professionally and purposefully presented. One of the best I've attended yet!"

    CTS Attendee, Norfolk, VA

  • "Melinda has a different style of relaying the information that I really enjoyed and I was excited about taking back to the office."

    PICS Attendee, Columbia, SC

  • "Melinda is an excellent speaker and presenter. She kept our interest level high and group participation was great. This was a very good experience."

    CTS2 Attendee, Charlotte, NC

  • "Both instructors were very good, but Melinda is exceptionally good at speaking and connecting."

    CONAA Attendee, Johnson City, TN

  • Melinda is AWESOME at what she does! She has helped two of my most recent clients stage their homes for sell. We had over 5 offers on one of the houses and the other one shows like a model. Both of my sellers are thrilled with the way Melinda and her team staged their homes. One client even said "If my home had looked like this before, I wouldn't have ever decided to sell". I would highly recommend her services.

    Shaun G.

  • "Excellent workshop. Melinda was excellent, knows her material and presented professionally."

    CONAA Attendee, Johnson City, TN

  • Melinda has been wonderful to work with, quick to respond to my inquiry, met with me and listened to my needs and wants in my interest in staging for a vacant home. All the furnishings and accessories were completed beautifuly and timely. I highly recommend Melinda and will diffently work with her again. Thanks so much for all your help, I truly appreciate it.

    Cindy E.

  • Melinda has been my partner in real estate since the beginning of my career. Her skills and gifts have been a huge benefit to my clients and to me. With her help, my listings sell fast and for top dollar!

    Fran P.

  • "Melinda was GREAT! She definitely knows her stuff!!"

    CONAA Attendee, Johnson City, TN

  • "Outstanding workshop, wish more of my team members could have attended."

    CONCTS Attendee, Rocky Mount, NC

  • "I enjoyed the workshop and would recommend Melinda to anyone."

    CONCTS Attendee, Jackson, TN

  • "Melinda was awesome. She presented the material in ways to fit your work/life experiences. It was very informative."

    CONAA Attendee, Myrtle Beach, SC

  • "Exemplary! Useful! Amazing Content! Fantastic Presenter."

    CONAA Attendee, Baltimore MD

  • "Excellent, very informative. The program leader was humorous, knowledgeable, and made the training worth every minute and dollar."

    CONAA Attendee, Baltimore, MD

  • "Melinda was fantastic. All instructors should be as personable and confident. She is a true asset to your company. I believe they could make any topic interesting and very informative."

    CONAA Attendee, Baltimore, MD

  • "Excellent workshop today. I received valuable information to take back to work and help me to mature in solving and handling a problem at work."

    CONAA Attendee, Baltimore, MD

  • "Workshop I would suggest to others. Very helpful!"

    PICS Attendee, Columbia, SC

  • "Excellent Speaker. They brought 'real life' examples into each work session."

    CONAA, Fredericksburg, VA

  • "The instructor was entertaining and knowledgable. This was by far the BEST conference I have attended."

    CONAA Attendee, Fredericksburg, VA

WORK, HOME, YOU! "Balance is not about equality of time or effort expended on any one part of life....." -Melinda Smith, CPO® * Learn to love going to work again! * Increase time with your family! * Get things done! Our process is simple and geared toward the professional. You can get your Life back in balance. What makes Balance & Harmony 360² unique is our 360² approach to addressing the challenges of WORK, HOME, AND LIFE! When you focus all your energy on work, home life tends to suffer. When you focus all your energy on home, work life tends to suffer. When you give all your energy to everyone else, you tend to neglect yourself. We are a full circle productivity and organizational business with experts in each key area that provide an array of services created to assist in optimal work-home-you balance. We analyze the situation and issues, implement strategies based on results, and focus on sustainability. Let our team provide the BALANCE & HARMONY you need. Call 704-896-1621 - Getting things done!


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  • September 29, 2016

Is it time to implement SMART Meetings at your office and stop the insanity?

First of all, meetings...